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Staying Safe

You will have covered the basics of driving safely in your Theory test. Putting that theory into use when on the road is a conscious effort. As a first time driver you are especially prone to making mistakes until you are completely comfortable behind the wheel. Try to remember to check your mirrors before pulling out, and to signal to show other drivers your intentions. Should you find yourself in an accident make sure to take time to follow necessary procedure. Be sure to exchange insurance information with any other drivers involved and to contact the police. Always keep copies of your insurance and registration in your car in case you need to provide them. Be smart and considerate of other drivers. Driving when tired or under the influence of alcohol or drugs can severely impair your ability to drive and is illegal. Should you be involved in an accident or pulled over this could likely keep you off the road and unable to drive for a long time. Tickets can be very expensive not just to pay, but due to the resulting increase in insurance costs. If you are responsible for injuring anyone, this is something you will have to live with for the rest of your life. Try to avoid erratic drivers and disputes with other drivers and passengers and focus on getting yourself and your passengers to your destination safely.

Looking After Your Car

Now you’re the proud owner of your first car you want to take care of it. Familiarize yourself with car’s manual, and be sure to schedule regular maintenance. Cars should have their oil changed regularly to run effectively and safely. Your tires gradually loose tread with use, so check them to make sure that they are safe to drive with this simple test. Lights are another common issue with bulbs needing replacement, check to make sure your lights are functioning properly. If you spot a crack in your windshield it is better to get it repaired before it spreads and requires a replacement of the entire windshield. When lights go off on the dashboard check your drivers manual to see what is wrong. Schedule an appointment soon with a mechanic to make sure a simple fix doesn’t turn into a big expense. Putting off a small repair could lead to major engine damage.

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